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Create professional event sponsorship proposals in minutes and find quality sponsors.
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Is there anything more frustrating than investing countless hours typing up a proposal, only to discover it isn't quite up-to-scratch? Time is money, so don't waste a second longer.
Create bespoke, high-quality sponsorship proposals the easy way – direct from your browser.
It's ridiculously easy.

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describe your event

Help present your event in the best light possible; expertly targeting your intended audience to stand the best chance of sponsorship offers.

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customize your proposal

Fine-tune colors; add bespoke graphics and photos and many other effects to give your proposal the edge it deserves. Create beautiful, interactive online proposals accessible to all with a single, unique link.

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manage your campaign

With your personal intuitive dashboard, Sponseasy gives you access to powerful analytics tools that enable you to accurate track your proposal. Save time; get results!

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user 2
Caitlyn Fransen
Education & Conferences Coordinator, MHA
I think Sponseasy is such a great concept and I’ve been sharing the website with other Hospital Associations and anyone needing sponsorship help in my network. I’m like the Montana Sponseasy Cheerleader!
user 2
Andrei Dinu
Managing Partner - EVENT HEROES
Sponseasy delivers the perfect mix of design and functionality, making sponsorship easy. The platform is intuitive, informative and great looking for both the organizer and the potential sponsors. The backend, the tracking and website embedding are also neat! The perfect help for event organizers!
user 3
Dereck Andersen
CEO @Startup Grind
Sponseasy makes it easier for us to pitch, sell, and close sponsorships. It's a well designed and thoughtful tool that helps us make more money.
user 4
Stefano Bareggi
Founder presso
Your approach is very unconventional, smart and quite amazing ;) as your product.
user 4
Rochelle Truxal
Sponseasy is absolutely amazing! The tool is simple to use, very efficient, saves a ton of time and has everything we need to build our sponsorship decks. I have yet to experience a platform similar to Sponseasy.
user 1
Jordan Maddock
Project Manager at IronCowboy
To go and do impossible feats as an athlete it requires support. When gearing up to do 50 Ironman distance triathlons, in 50 days, in all 50 states Sponseasy helped Team IronCowboy realize our sponsorship goals by creating a "dialed-in" deck that matched up perfectly with our brand and messaging. No question, these are the guys you want to deal with when making your pitch deck. #NoGoalTooBig

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THEY USE Sponseasy

Women 2.0
Event Heroes

And sponsorship management
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Who are we ?

We're just users like you: Like you, we were organizing events or launching projects, like you we were, and still are, passionated like a Spartiate, like you we are dreamers, but also like you, when it came to sponsorship, we were lost in this huge industry jungle.
From the dozens of hours spent on Powerpoint trying to get an acceptable sponsorship deck, to the nightmare of managing the canvassing through this huge dirty Excel sheet, our sponsorship campaign became more like a marathon.
"There must be an easier way to make it", this is how it all started: from our own actual needs to the deep desire to help you reach your goals, from our own tool to your next favorite app, from our dream to your reality, from a sponsorship deck to an event successfully sponsored.

Sponseasy aims to provide the tools the sponsorship market deserves in 2014. We provide the best solutions to manage any sponsorship campaign, from the sponsorship deck creation to the sponsors post-event report.

We are a 6 people team based in Paris and San Francisco. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to hear our funny french accent.

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